Venus comments on super wu events that both men and

  The public most concerned is the star of the entertainment circle, set collapse, recently, there is a good man is being questione

d, he is super wu was a late bloomer, ripe female favorite.Su

per wu always give a person a kind of polite, personab

le, who would have thought that, he will be in the case of a wife and another woman had seven years of love?

  Party reveal the private lives of super wu Chen Yulin came forward, then the woman w

as arrested by the police for alleged extortion bla

ckmail crime, and alarm is super wu.Chen Yulin p

arents hoped that the super wu pass through public opini

on to his daughter, super wu team though out a paper and

a paper statement, but it’s still stuck not to live long.

  First sicong out Dui super wu this slag is cheating p

hilandering man, then came also, Venus Venus that women and men are g

uilty, and the woman was sent to prison, man should also be given.Venus also think Chen Yulin does wrong,

destroy another family, but super wu too cruel, said love seven years of lover in jail was sent to prison.

  Venus’s anger Dui super wu was a lot of the comments are too few, it is well known that Venus has presided over the Venus s

how, she was in the show about history of the super wu was a late bloomer, and use the life experience of super w

u tell you “no shortcuts in life, hard is king”.But now lo

ok at this assessment, there seems to be a little irony.

  In Venus Dui super wu the matter, we also noticed that a man, that is the 66th, 66 on the

Venus show that super wu, think the other is a partic

ularly difficult, when many people think this is the 66th praised s

uper wu is an excellence, have pursuit to art, but for now, seemed to decipher the another kind of taste.

Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only

  Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only 1% of the stock market

  Author: jun-jie qi of finance and economics

Recently, guangdong development bank jointly southwestern university of finance and

issued a “2018 China’s urban household wealth health report”, which reveals the status of the Chinese family assets.

  First of all, the Chinese family 1.62 million worth of total assets is probably close to $1.62 million, 1.62 million worth investab

le assets, is your stocks, funds, bonds and cash added up to 557000 yuan.The number is growing every year, total ass

ets of only 970000, 2011, only 289000 investment in financial assets.This is mainly caused by two reasons

, one is the income is growing, the second one, house prices are really going up.Prices rose fastest year, total household assets also rose faster.

  Second, 2 into the rich, the gap between their

from ordinary people are high, their total assets is 3 times of ordinary

people, to 4.545 million yuan.This part of the wealthy, tota

l assets and net assets are close to the average level in th

e United States, that is to say the richest 20% of u

rban residents, mostly close to the wealth of developed countries.Just in investable assets, just like the U

nited States also doubled, while income sent 2 times, the aver

age annual income is 689000, and we are one of the richest 20% of households, earning only 2250

00.Have to share one’s income, has almost total assets, such a strange phenomenon, due to our house.

  Third, the family property, nearly 8 to 77.7%,

while only 11.8% of financial assets.In the United States, by contrast, in the family property ratio of only 34.6%

, while the proportion of financial assets of more than 42%, and has a close to 20% of the configuration on the indus

try and commerce, the rest of the developed countries, Japan’s financial assets is as high as 61%, Singapore is 56%, the U

K is 52%, Canada also has 48.6%, so obviously we only 12% less than a strikingly low proportion of financial ass

ets.There 42.9% of bank deposits, stocks accounted for only 8.1%, the fund is only 3.2%.Deposits, in other words, in just

4% of the total assets of the proportion, shows that you have no money, and share in the total assets of less

than 1%, this basically is the vast majority of families do not fry, so lower the rate.

  Fourth, 30 to 40 families, this group of people most money, total assets of m

ore than 3 million, young and old family property configuration.This is underst

andable, young and old are poor, so the house of their total assets ratio is especially high.

  Fifth, record of formal schooling is negatively related with real estate configura

tion, the lower the degree the more like to buy a house, it also represents the meaning of two aspects, 1 degree

is higher, the more diversity.2 degree, the higher the income, the more to be used for other investment.

40, jay Chou “small public election” people don’t collaps

  January 18 is jay’s birthday, the big boy accompany you have youth 40 years old this year!

  Friend liu geng hong, fan brother chun-kai wang is the first time on the blessings, fan

s are happy birthday to jay, thank him to accompany you with so many songs over the years.

  Since 2000, with the same name “Jay” official debut album, Jay Chou in the in t

he mind has been cool, drag drag, as time goes by, also gradually exposed the “small publ

ic election” side, lovely, naive and tsundere, spoil everyone said he was “very smelly fart”.

  The drag and tsundere set until now has never collapse.Recent j

ay not bask in Florence travel photos, after a lot of fans see idol to punch as a souvenir photo.

  Birthday, jay updated the individual social networking platform ins story, fans of the load of screenshots.

  It turned out to be the pictures of the fans in the imitation of Chou, jay Chou also very smelly

fart with his fans in the same place imitate him taking pictures, but they don’t know I was upstairs!

Super wu derailed door parents that she was arrested

  January 18, has displayed and super wu relationship under seven years of actress Chen Yulin suddenly in a social account issued a lo

ng, originally this is Chen Yulin parents for daughters, they said in the article, daughter after revealing and super wu’s extra-marital affa

irs, the man in the form of them privately, and is willing to give a break-up fee, and hope the daughter don’t go broke, but then the man excuses but after only a small part

of the money paid to extort money “exposed” name of the police arrest her daughter, it has been 2 months, if con

victed or face shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years.

  It is reported, Chen Yulin now for alleged extortion in the chaoyang district public security bureau.

  Then made contact with related media Chen Yulin parents, the parents responded: “I’

m sorry this two months is too much, not at random and make calls, cases are still in the criminal procedure.”

  Wu Xiu Poland send lawyer statement: Chen Yulin parents letter content is not true

  Wu Xiu Poland’s lawyers, said in a statement the content of the letter is not true, has to

reflect the situation to the public security organ, and will be published shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

  Revealing romance with super wu actress arrest parents post for help

  Earlier, revealing secret with super wu actress detained by police on suspicion of r

acketeering sin, their parents published an open letter for help: we have a good constraint and discipline all blame her

, now say what all too late, now we only hope the daughter come back as soon as possible.

  Star light and super wu 7 years secret: by buddhist brainwashed by zhang zixi scold

  Actress Chen Yulin in the circle of friends hair long, revealing and super wu married actor, has a secret for a period of seven years.

  According to her report, after two people fall in love, super wu on the grounds of c

ast and complex environment than Chen Yulin again take sport, also with buddhist scriptures brainwashe

d her, and for seven years, Chen Yulin give up work wholeheartedly with super wu around flew to take care of him.She a

lso recalled, during the shooting super wu “mastermind alliance”, she is in hengdian good view beauty with

super wu spent 333 days, room 1208 for wu cooked porridge soup every day to wash clothes.

  Was caught out of having an affair with super wu zhang zixi: don’t pull my since the qing qing

CBA chakra: 30 Hudson, the key of liaoning had 19 in

  CBA 30 round this evening, in the three games, three games at the end of

the inverse war won at home 96-94 in liaoning bayi ha

d 19 in a row, continue to refresh the team history records;Road construction

BeiKong, the only 125-77;Qingdao road 128-123 win over tianjin.

  Liaoning narrowly bayi, continue to refresh the team history longest winning streak record in the regular season

  Game, the game pg, plexus tomorrow positive three po

ints to help the team lead, but Raymond immediately respond points of three points, bayi hit after a wave of 8 to 0,

the score away some, hey ma beautiful two free throws to pull to double

digits.First section home-country crowd, bayi led 32-21.

  Second quarter, Cao Yan three points to help the team continue to expand the

score, brandon buss cic to closer to the single digits, un

der the guidance of bath, with a wave of 13-1, to equalise, end in the first half, bayi to 50-48 lead.

  Easy edge to fight again, Raymond and Tian Yuxiang three points score away again, liaoning

side is depend on personal ability to maintain the score of bath, three home-country crowd, bayi in 73-62 lead.

  Late game, both sides score knotted, Lester Hudson three points at the last minute to

equalise, Han Dejun exalted skyer surpassed the score.Tian Yuxiang board to equalise,

Hudson is a crucial moment has again hit a 3-pointer, 96-94 victory over liaoning bayi.

  Liaoning continue to refresh their longest winning streak record d

uring the season, state now they finally can break the bayi 34 winning streak record?Let’s wait and see!

Cristiano ronaldo stadium again encounter may

  ristiano ronaldo stadium again encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, netizen: just to rub heat!In

today’s football, ronaldo is one of the most top player

s, the world footballer of the year, best players, such as top scorer award have

been soft, ronaldo’s talent, no doubt, he has a strong physique, techniq

ue is very comprehensive, leaves his free-kick can make any a goalkeeper.In June

2009, ronaldo was worth 96 million euro transfer to real Ma

drid football club, and step by step, where he became the king on the pitch.Although ronaldo belongs to a talented player but

his football career attitude, is anyone would doubt.

  Ronaldo’s terrible place first is indomitable willpower.Childhood

relentlessness, losing the will practice has been late into

the night.And never forget the beginner’s mind for many years, self-discipline self-improvement, the pursuit of

perfection.Winning the day also will back to the

training ground.His NBA players headed an invincible bounce level terror, foot is

balanced, free kick, long shots, pace, positional sense, little short board, not the

dental laboratories of basic training never reach him so comprehensive skills.Cristiano ronaldo stadium again

encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, net friend: just to heat.

  Second C Luo Qiu quotient is very high.Manchester united’s cristiano

ronaldo period, like dropping the ball the ball assists and sh

ot all the way, a “grand slam” honor to join his childhood dream came to the

downturn of the bernabeu.More teams, players change, different tactical

requirement, ronaldo has been adjust yourself to adapt to real Madrid.Scientific

discipline yourself, get rid of the flashy dribbling, communicate and coordinate

with teammates more do play a more simple and effective football.There is no doubt that ronaldo has been successful,

dazzling data can explain the result,

the process is ronaldo’s perfect performance.No matter before and after

the transformation in recent years has been a steady high levels of play.

  Actually cristiano ronaldo has just joined the reds in time, he was just a like to play live young

, a lot of slick movement is offensive to the fans, but now the cristiano ronaldo has

shrugged off the young ignorance, became one of the greatest players

today.As the growth of the age, cristiano ronaldo is also in constant progress,

ronaldo’s success is his persistent peak, at the age of 30 can also defending a

golden ball, visible how cristiano ronaldo.Cristiano ronaldo stadium again

encounter mayweather, photo is embarrassing, net friend: just to heat.

Shanghai litigation zhao wei took responsibility

  Shanghai litigation zhao wei took responsibility, a total of more than 50!

  Zhao wei, for so many years in the entertainment circle is also colorful, made a lot of a lot o

f money, then follow Mr Ma in business is also a prominent figure, but zhao wei was charged today’s judgment!January

17, high-profile investors suing listed company Shanghai culture (the original m culture), zhao wei securities misrepr

esentation dispute better news.The first-instance judgment: Shanghai culture amounted to 54535.83 yuan, to pay the p

laintiff wang compensation, interest zhao are jointly and severally liable for the debts, reject the plaintiff’s other claims.

  We like zhao wei, before the swallow is how simple, h

ow lovely, as for now, zhao most in business, have fewer opportunities to appear in the entertainment ci

rcle, don’t earn enough money to spend in the entertainment circle?Husband like is also a rich, I don’t know the day of the rich, speaking of the verdict the bigge

st bright spot is big star zhao wei lost in predecessors’ people don’t equal, high and low!

  Now the decision is the first-instance judgment is likely

to zhao wei will appeal, but now the result of the first-instance judgment for the plaintiff was a great encouragement,

very confident, hope can safeguard the interests of investors before the law.As the saying goes, justice may be late, but will never be absent.

In the han large serious will go to a hospital checking

  Beijing time on January 17, news, last night’s 2-0 defeat to the south Korean Chinese football gam

e, substitute Yu Hanchao, because of injury, will not play against Asian cup final battle Thailand 1/8.

  Last night, Asian cup third round of the group to continue, the battle for the

top of group C, the r

otation, Chinese football players such as lack of lei, 2-0 defeat to South Korea.

  The game, nor did Yu Hanchao column into the starting line-up, but in

the 74th minute substitute.Surprisingly, his game soon after a

thigh muscle injury.Because Yu Hanchao was finally a substitution of the game, even if injured, also must grind play until the last minute.

  After the match, the han over limp off, after he accepted the medical staff of the Chinese football physical examination, found

that he had hurt his leg, and very serious, to be on the safe side, check team will take

him to the hospital today, further confirmed the injury degree.

  At present, only can be confirmed that Yu Hanchao cannot attend the Asian cup

1/8 Chinese football can be determined against Thailand.

Do as one pleases! Thick eyebrow cut 46 points, 16 boards

January 15 – In a regular season that ends today, the Pelicans beat the Clippers 121-117 away from home.

In this battle, Pelican forward Anthony Davis played 39 minutes, 34 shots 16, 3 points 5 in 2, 12

free throws 12, cut 46 points 16 rebounds 4 assists 3 steals comprehensive data.

This is the 17th time in Anthony Davis’career that he has cut at least 40 points and 15 rebounds in a single game over the past 35 seasons.

Only Shaq-O’Neill (19) had more times than Davis. Since Davis joined the league,

The rest of the players had cut at least 40 points and 15 rebounds six times at most. Davis has cut at lea

st 40 points and 15 rebounds four times this season, while the rest of the players have only five times in total.

Wang Yuan’s Tenor Laughter Ground in Music Activities

With the Spring Festival approaching, the major music festivals are dazzling. On January 13, “The Night of the Promulgation of

Chao Yin in 2019″ was held as scheduled. In this music festival, the big stars shined brilliantly, bringing enthusiasm to th

e fans. Among them, Wang Yuan, the youngest one, was constantly surprising, and the treble burst was amused by himself, which was all a wave of fans!

Wang Yuan deduced two songs of Will You and Solitary Notes. Two-handed songs can be said to be a perfect deduction, stable typhoon, unique voice, and let Xiaobian l

ike them. The stage of “Lonely Notes” is dazzling, and the vast universe created by AR technology makes Shining Teenagers in it. Wang Yuan’s powerful voice is

also surprising under the strong visual impact. Subsequently, the affectionate version of “Will You” Su Li bursts the typhoon calmly, which makes Xiaobian a

nd more fans lament Xiao Wang Yuan’s growing up. Xiaobian will always have porridge Wang Yuan. Chongqing Xiaobian must set up!

The climax part is coming. Our Xiao Wang Yuan is on the hot search of various platform

s. When Wang Yuan sings the high part of the song Will you trust me, he accidentally breaks the tone. He can’t help laugh

ing at the laughing scene. He laughs at himself and then sings “You can do it, you can do it” with a shy face and a close laugh. It’s not too cute.

Wang Yuan’s popularity is not to mention that the fans who came to watch were more enthusiastic and screaming all the way. Wang Yuan o

pened his wheat all the way, burst his shed with a deep feeling of Suli. He also intimately asked the fans to turn off the lights and take care of the performances of t

he artists and predecessors behind him. It was very warm. There are high-quality idols of course, fans will not be worse, after Wang Yuan reminded all fans obediently turned off the light

. Through the comparison chart, we can see that the first second or the scene of Green Lantern Sea disappeared after one second. Super War

m Heart! For music Wang Yuan is serious, bold innovation, style changes, the same is the love of music heart! Come on!

Countless netizens can’t help exclaiming that the idols who have been watched by netizens grow up st

ep by step are not only low-key but also conscientious and responsible for their work, strong ability and enterprising spirit. So the little lovely people of TFBOYS ar

e rare high-quality idols. In this big data era, the three little lovely people have no negative news. More often, they are

personalities, details and warmhearts. Capability circle powder. In this concert, Wang Yuan circled a wave of iron powder with his warmth and loveliness.

In the era of big data, traffic is the main factor. In fact, ma

ny new generation idols are eager to be highly sought after by fans. For this reason, many people are also looking for fans

to pick up and help, because this can prove to the outside world how popular they are, followed by commercial resources to follow up.